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Japan Eyewear Holdings Co., Ltd.

Aug 2021

Japan Eyewear Holdings Co., Ltd. integrates Four Nines Co., Ltd. and FOUR NINES SINGAPORE PTE LTD as a group company.


Apr 1958

Shokai Kaneko starts its business in the City of Sabae, Fukui

Apr 1986

Establishes KANEKO OPTICAL Co., Ltd.

Apr 1997

Launches KANEKO OPTICAL's first original branded glasses collection, "BLAZE"

May 1997

Launches "SPIVVY" collection 
Launches handmade eyewear frame brand, "TAIHACHIRO-KINSEI" and "KOH BOH-SAKU" 

Mar 1998

Presense in the tradeshow held in New York and starts the global exposure

Sept 1999

Appoints Shinya Kaneko as the company CEO

Apr 2000

Opens a direct shop, "FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK" in Soho

Sept 2001

Opens a direct shop,  "FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK Tokyo" in Marunouchi / Nakadori

Sept 2002

Launches a new craftsman brand, "KOTAKE CHOBE-SAKU", "IDO TAMIO-SAKU" and "SASAKI YOICHI-SAKU"

Mar 2003

Opens a direct shop, "COMPLEX NAGOYA"

Aug 2006

Opens an in-house studio, "BACKSTAGE"

Aug 2008

Opens a direct shop, "THE STAGE" in Osaka city, Yodoyabashi as a store to aspire "The artisanal legacy of Sabae"

July 2009

Completes the full construction of the in-house studio, "BACKSTAGE"

Oct 2010

 Starts new business, "KANEKO GANKYO-TEN"   

Opens the first store with the company name "KANEKO GANKYO-TEN" at Haneda Airport International Terminal
Launches the original brand, "KANEKO GANKYO" collection

Sept 2012

 Starts, new business, "Kaneko Optical"
Opens the first shop inside "CANAL CITY HAKATA", at Fukuoka city, Hakata

Sept 2015

Establishes "KANEKO FRANCE SARL", France Inc.

Oct 2015

Launches the collaboration collection, "ISSEY MIYAKE EYES PROJECT" with ISSEY MIYAKE Inc.

Apr 2016

Opens the first France outlet, "KANEKO LE MARAIS" in Le Marais

Aug 2016

Integrates "Eikoh, Inc.", a metal frame manufacturing factory as a group company

Mar 2019

 Establishes a new manufacturing facility, "BASEMENT"

Dec 2021

Establishes "KANEKO OPTICAL (Shanghai) Co., Ltd,", China Inc.

Four Nines Co., Ltd.

Apr 1995

Foundation of 999.9 brand

Apr 1996

Establishes Four Nines Ltd.

Oct 1996


Apr 1997

Establishes Four Nines Factory Division

Apr 1998

Opens Four Nines GINZA Showroom & Shop

Apr 1999

Opens Four Nines GINZA Test & Delivery on the 3rd floor above Showroom & Shop

Apr 2000

Opens Four Nines SHIBUYA Press & Shop

Sept 2000

Shifts management structure from "Four Nines Ltd." to "Four Nines Co., Ltd."

Mar 2011

Launches the sunglasses collection, "999.9 feelsun"

Sept 2013

Establishes Four Nines Singapore office

Sept 2019

Unveils gaming glasses, "PLAIDe" at Tokyo Game Show 2019

July 2021

Reopens Four Nines GINZA as a new flagship store which integrates Four Nines GINZA and Four Nines NAMIKI-DORI Salon.

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