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Q.When was the company founded?

A.July 2019.

Q.When was the stock listed?

A.November 2023.

Q.Which stock exchange is the company listed on?

A. Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market.

Q.What is the stock code?

A. 5889.  Industry type, "Retail".

Q.When is the fiscal year end?

A. End of January 31st each year.

Q.When will the financial results be announced?

A. Please refer to the IR calender.

Q.When is the general meeting of shareholders?

A. Scheduled every April.

Q. Please tell us about your business.

A. Our group consists of a holding company, Japan Eyewear Holdings Co., Ltd. and six consolidated subsidiaries where Kaneko Optical Group and Four Nines Group, are responsible for the manufacturing and selling of eyewears.

Q.How many affiliated companies do you have?

A. Our affiliated companies are the following six companies.


Kaneko Optical Co., Ltd.
Four Nines Co., Ltd.
Eiko Megane Co., Ltd.
3 other companies

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